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The Process of Overcoming Anxiety - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 759 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/04/10 Category Psychology Essay Tags: Anxiety Essay Did you like this example? While there is no single definition of the term anxiety, there is a general consensus among scholars that the word refers to a number of disorders that trigger apprehension, fear, nervousness, and worry. Naturally, anxiety influences individuals feelings and behavior. While mild levels of anxiety are normal and essential for survival, extreme anxiety leads to a disorder, which adversely affects a persons thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Process of Overcoming Anxiety" essay for you Create order People who struggle with anxiety disorders tend to feel a gripping fear even in the absence of real danger. Overcoming anxiety is a process that integrates different strategies depending on the type, cause, and level of the disorder. As it might seem odd that I understand this with such depth, I have done many hours of reading on this topic to help understand and give advice to someone that I care deeply about. Learn About Anxiety Disorders Since one cannot overcome a phenomenon that you do not understand, it is imperative that the anxiety-overcoming-process begins with learning about the disorder. More specifically, it is critical for a person suffering from an anxiety disorder to fathom that during anxiety attacks the victim experiences phobias and fears that appear irrational yet difficult to repress. Often, any Dixon 2 attempts to overcome this challenge seem futile. While it is normal to feel as if panic attacks get worse with each attempt to overcome them, it is vital for individuals to know that anxiety is a perceived danger and that the condition is treatable. Understanding the characteristics, manifestation, and triggers of anxiety is the first step in the process of overcoming the disorder. Identify the Source of Panic Attacks Naturally, there are multiple types of anxiety disorders and each has a different cause and manifestation. Apart from General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) that makes the victim fear numerous objects, situations, and events, other types of panic attacks such as anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder have a s pecific trigger. Undoubtedly, one can only deal with fear if one is clear of the source. For example, my girlfriend struggles with social anxiety disorders because she is afraid of being judged by others while socializing with them. Fortunately, she has worked to overcome this anxiety disorder by gradually increasing the frequency and duration of interacting with small groups of friends and family members. In a nutshell, her learning to identify the source of her panic attacks is essential in overcoming her anxiety. Seek Help Although various people have different experiences, many people compare the process of overcoming anxiety to putting off a fire with gasoline. In other words, the harder one tried to repress panic attacks the scarier they get. Anxiety persuades the victim that he or she is either in real danger, going crazy, losing cognitive control, or about to die thus crippling any efforts of Dixon 3 overcoming the experience. Since many people struggling with anxiety consider themselves powerless and hopeless, it is important to seek help of a psychiatrist. Jessica has mentioned to me numerous times that the help her psychiatrist gave to her is the reason that she decided to major in psychology. These specialists are not only well trained but also highly experienced and are aware of effective therapies. Admitting that you need help as well as seeking assistance quickens the pr ocess of overcoming panic attacks. Experimenting With Verified Anxiety-Reducers Over the years, evidence-based studies have documented a number of proven strategies that are successful in reducing anxiety as well as stress and depression. Firstly, it is recommendable to take deep breaths anytime one feels anxious. Taking deep breaths increases the amount of oxygen reaching the brain thus making it easy to think clearly. Secondly, engaging in physical exercises reduces the levels of the stress-causing hormone called cortisol while increasing the production of endorphin, which boosts happiness. Jessica has learned to jog, and we hike alot together whenever possible. Thirdly, meditating, praying, and eating healthy have proven to have positive impacts on the process of overcoming anxiety as I have seen first hand with Jessica. Conclusion While it is normal to experience mild levels of anxiety under certain circumstances, as I have sure seen since entering college, some people struggle with extreme panic attacks that greatly lower the quality of their lives. As this paper has shown, the process of overcoming anxiety is gradual and requires personal commitment and the willingness to seek help if needed. Apart Dixon 4 from exploring the concept, sources, and triggers of anxiety, one must be willing to embrace a vigorous lifestyle characterized by physical activities, healthy eating, prayers, and meditations.

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The Life Of Sylvia Path - 1212 Words

Born and raised in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, she tolerated an unpleasant and depressing childhood. Sylvia Path was born on October 27,1932 to Aurelia Schobert Plath and Otto Emile Plath. Her father was an author and professor, who taught at Boston University. There was a significant age difference between Plath’s parents; her mother was twenty-one years younger to her father. â€Å"The couple met when her mother was attaining Master’s Degree in teaching and opted one of his father’s course†. â€Å"The grandparents of Otto wanted him to become a Lutheran minister and for the same reason he separated from them†. Three years later, her brother Warren was born. Afterward, her family had moved to Winthrop, Massachusetts in 1936. Most of Plath’s childhood was spent on Johnson Avenue. Eventually, her father, Otto Plath died on 5 November 1940 attending subtraction of the foot because of untreated diabetes. Her father fell sick soon after his close friend deceased of lung cancer. â€Å"Otto used to compare the symptoms of his disease from that of his friend, and as a result was convinced that he too had lung cancer†. â€Å"This was why he did attain any treatment until the level of diabetes had increased greatly†. Otto Plath was eventually buried in Winthrop Cemetery. â€Å"Post her father’s death in 1942, the family moved to 26 Elmwood Road, Wellesley, Massachusetts†. Throughout her upbringing, her family was devoted to Christianity. After, her father had passed away she lost faith in God. PlathShow MoreRelatedComparing The Lesson and The Road Not Taken1190 Words   |  5 Pagesbased on the surroundings of the individuals. One of the main aims of the paper is to compare and contrast two characters from selected short stories. The first character is Sylvia from The Lesson written by Toni Cade Bambara and the Narrator from the poem written by Robert Frost The Road Not Taken. The reason to compare Sylvia and The Narrator is to compare the choices made by an individual. The Lesson is a short story about a family of African American children. The children are cousins to eachRead MoreAnalysis Of Sylvia Plath s Poem, Metaphor s ``996 Words   |  4 PagesSylvia Plath s poem, Metaphor s, is about a woman who is significantly distressed about her pregnancy. The poet playfully pieces together nine metaphors that are vastly unrelated, but she tones the poem so that a sense of depression and emptiness creep over the reader to tie together the theme. The very first line of the poem begins by opening the meaning directly to the reader. â€Å"I’m a riddle in nine syllables,†. (Line 1) It shows the reader it is a nine line riddle to be solved. It is to beRead MoreThe Meaning of A White Heron Essay790 Words   |  4 PagesHeron Through life experiences we learn that some things in life are more important than money. By using the Archetypal Cycle of Human experience I will be able to explain the importance of each stage in the story A white Heron by Sarah Orne Jewett. The story A white Heron is about a nine-year-old girl named Sylvia. The author starts the cycle/framework by implying through the characters age that Sylvia has a certain innocence that only a young child early in life can possess. ThisRead MoreThe Lesson By Toni Cade Bambara968 Words   |  4 Pagesyou in the right path that is needed in your life or maybe it can just be for a certain situation. In the short story â€Å"The Lesson† by Toni Cade Bambara, she relates teaching a life changing lesson to the character Sylvia. Sylvia is a very strong willed young lady who is challenged with poverty in her neighborhood. The story begins with Miss Moore, an educated black woman who moves in the neighborhood. Sylvia hated Miss Moore, because she would always volunteer to take Sylvia and her cousin SugarRead MoreAnalysis Of `` Daddy `` By Sylvia Plath1210 Words   |  5 PagesSylvia Plath had turbulent and unstable life leading up to her suicide. Her father died when she was very young, although he held considerable weight in her poetry. Sylvia even dedicated an entire poem, titled â€Å"Daddy†, to her thoughts and feelings about her deceased father. Ted Hughes, her husband, also proved to be a large influence in much of her work, and also helped shape her ideas of feminism and motherhood. He was also referenced in the poem â€Å"Daddy†, along with many other poems. DepressionRead MoreThe Bell Jar Themes Essay925 Words   |  4 PagesThe themes in The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath, are portrayed through Esther’s unique characteristics. Sylvia’s life experiences and personality contribute to these themes: growth t hrough pain, the emptiness of conventional expectations, and the restricted role of women during the 1950’s. Esther must battle through several obstacles in order to move on with her life. She also feels like she does not fit in with society. Women’s role in society during this time also contributes to Esther’s qualitiesRead MoreSylvia Plath s Life And Accomplishments974 Words   |  4 PagesSylvia Plath’s work is marked with her trademark style, one full of enigmatic analogies and ambiguous metaphors. Sadly though, the life of Sylvia Plath was indeed shorter than anyone expected. Nevertheless, in the thirty years Plath meandered through the world, she left an everlasting impact. Remembered as one of the most dynamic and admired poets of the twentieth century, Plath cultivated a literary community unlike any predecessor. Additionally, since a sizable portion of Plath’s work was readRead MoreOutline Structure For Literary Analysis : Daffodils By Te d Hughes960 Words   |  4 Pagesis a resemblance of his wife Sylvia Plath. B. The author of the poem is Ted Hughes .The poem is based around how years Hughes and his children would sell the daffodils to make a living but never realized how much they were taking the daffodil for grant. C. The title of the poem is â€Å"Daffodils.† F. The main characters of the poem is Sylvia Plath. G. Thesis:Through the use of symbolism in Ted Hughess Daffodils, readers are introduced to the impact Plath had on his life through the imagery of the flowersRead MoreThe Truth Is Best Kept As A Secret912 Words   |  4 PagesThe Truth Is Best Kept As a Secret There comes a point in one’s life where we consider it convenient to keep secrets or the truth from people we deeply care about. We make the decision to keep silent so that the people around us don’t get affected by how horrible the truth may be. We believe that our loved ones don’t deserve to go through such a horrible thing, that we make ourselves believe that we are making the right choice by keeping them from knowing the truth. In reality, telling lies andRead MoreThe Use of Symbolism to Foreshadow the Future in Kate Chopins The Story of an Hour and Toni Cade Bambaras The Lesson1673 Words   |  7 PagesFuture in Kate Chopins The Story of an Hour and Toni Cade Bambaras The Lesson Often authors use signs to foreshadow events that will happen in the future in their stories. For example an author might write As he was walking down the dark eerie path dark skies began to form . Here the writer uses a usually negative sign to foreshadow a negative future. This is the most common way for authors to foreshadow in a story, but it isnt the only way. In some instances authors use symbols to foreshadow

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Case study week 3 - 858 Words

Aaron Blakey Professor Phillip O Meally Survey of Software Systems 26 July 2015 Week 3 Questions Assignment 1. Describe the difference between transactional and analytical information, and determine which of these types Spotlight used to identify its 10 tribes. The difference between transactional and analytical information is that transactional is a current transaction, whereas analytical looks at long term trends. In order to identify people as one of ten, Spotlight uses analytical information. Analytical information is so important because with it, companies are able to organize and analyze their data. Transactional data is important also, and is necessary to help businesses make short term and immediate decisions to alter current†¦show more content†¦Partial information only refers to a small part of the picture, and thus is incomplete. In order to put anything into any sort of database, information should always be complete. Consistency is important and you may have noticed it in use by websites. When you re asked to input a phone number and it won t let you continue unless the amount of characters are met, and you are also unable to input any number higher than the normal amount ofShow MoreRelatedWeek 3 Case Study 2 Submissio n Essays1251 Words   |  6 PagesWeek 3 Case Study 2 Submission Asa J Opie Sec 310 Professor Nerove Strayer 7-20-2014 Week 3 Case Study 2 Submission A critical infrastructure is defined as any facility, system, or function which provides the foundation for national security, governance, economic vitality, reputation, and way of life. ( short, critical infrastructure is by definition essential for the survival of the nation. The USA PATRIOT Act specifically definesRead MoreEc 544 Week 3 Case Study Essay768 Words   |  4 PagesWilliam Chatman EC544 Week 3 Case Study †¢ 1. Become familiar with RFID technology and its potential uses in Harley-Davidson’s supply chain using the information presented in this chapter and information you obtain through the Online Companion links, your favorite search engine, and your library. In about 400 words, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages for Harley-Davidson of replacing its bar codes and scanners technology with RFID. The advantages associated with using RFIDRead MoreManagerial Accounting 505 Case Study Week 31059 Words   |  5 PagesGrade 45/50 Managerial Accounting 505 Case Study Week 3 A. What is the break-even point in passengers and revenues per month? Total Per Unit Percent Sales: 160 X 90 $14,400 $ 160 100% Less variable costs/expenses: .70 X 90 $ 6,300 $70 44% Contribution margin: $ 8,100 $90 56% Less fixed costs/expense: $3,150,000 Net operating income: $3,141,900 8,100 /14,400 = 56% 100 - 56 = 44% BEP in passengersRead MoreMg 495 Week 3 Case Study Essay4357 Words   |  18 PagesCase 35 – Church Dwight: Time to Rethink the Portfolio? A case report prepared for MG 495 Business Policy (Spring II Term) Michael XXXXXXXXXX April 8, 2012 1 CASE 35 – CHURCH DWIGHT: TIME TO RETHINK THE PORTFOLIO? I. INTRODUCTION A. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. Summary statement of the problem: Church Dwight, more commonly known by its brand name â€Å"Arm Hammer,† has held a commanding lead in the sodium bicarbonate product market for over 160 years with virtually 99 percent of all consumerRead MoreWeek 3 Case Study Pacific Oil Company Essay1370 Words   |  6 PagesThe case study on Pacific Oil Company shows from beginning to end the role of power in the outcome of a negotiation. From the beginning, the problem that Pacific Oil Company faced as it reopened negotiations with Reliant Chemical Company was that they did not assert the power necessary to really end up with the outcome of the negotiation they were hoping for. The case study points out several factors that Pacific Oil Company is trying to achieve in the contract negotiations with Reliant ChemicalRead MoreCis 417 Week 7 Case Study 3 Casey Anthony Trial655 Words   |  3 PagesCIS 417 WEEK 7 CASE STUDY 3 CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL To purchase this visit here: Contact us at: SUPPORT@ACTIVITYMODE.COM CIS 417 WEEK 7 CASE STUDY 3 – CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL On July 5, 2011, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first-degree murder in the 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee. Further research this incident using quality and reputable resources. Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you: Read MoreHrm517 Week 8 Case Study 3: Risk Management on a Satellite Development Project Hrm 517 Week 8 Case Study 3: Risk Management on a Satellite Development Project2038 Words   |  9 PagesHRM517 Complete Course Week 1 to Week 11 Download Answer here visit Download Answer here HRM517 Week 1 Discussion Human Resource Management and Project Life Cycle Please respond to the following: Explain the elements of project management and its relationship to human resource management. Evaluate the importanceRead MoreEssay about Mgmt 591 Woodson Coalition Week 3 Case Study 1948 Words   |  4 Pagesof truancy, low student performance and crime, as well as how to create an after school program effectively with the support of three different organizations. Part 2: Problem Identification The primary problem that is causing much strife in this case is disagreement between the three organizations level of involvement, power over decision making, and outcomes of the after-school program. The school district wants the after-school program to be in line with existing school board procedures, anyRead MoreMgmt 404 All Discussion Week 1 to 7637 Words   |  3 PagesMGMT 404 ALL DISCUSSION WEEK 1 TO 7 To purchase this visit following link: Contact us at: SUPPORT@ACTIVITYMODE.COM MGMT 404 ALL DISCUSSION WEEK 1 TO 7 MGMT 404 All Discussion Week 1 To 7 MGMT 404 Week 1 DQ 1 Case Study: A Day in the Life MGMT 404 Week 1 DQ 2 Case Study: Moss McAdams Acc. Firm MGMT 404 Week 2 DQ 1 Project Scope MGMT 404 Week 2 DQ 2 Case Study: Sharp Printing AG MGMT 404 Week 3 DQ 1 Project Schedule Read MorePsy 100 Week 8 Assignment 2 – Adjustment Case Study – New Updated Work1210 Words   |  5 PagesPSY 100 WEEK 8 ASSIGNMENT 2 – ADJUSTMENT CASE STUDY – NEW UPDATED WORK To purchase this Click here: Contact us at: SUPPORT@ACTIVITYMODE.COM PSY 100 WEEK 8 ASSIGNMENT 2 - ADJUSTMENT CASE STUDY - NEW UPDATED WORK Write a three to six (3-6) page paper in which you: 1. Summarize the two (2) articles you selected from the NPR Website. 2. Describe the major adjustment issues discussed in

Psychological And Cultural Behavioral Traits Yahoo...

C. Psychological and Cultural Behavioral Traits in Yahoo Cybersecurity Attack Actors Aforementioned, it’s unclear what cultural or identified behavioral influences contributed to the Yahoo malvertising incident as the perpetrators weren’t publically identified. Culturally, crime rates are closely linked to the lack of financial opportunities. (Kshetri, 2010). In general, there are psychological and sociological drivers of cybercrime. Malvertising is a prevalent anonymous threat and to understand a person’s intention and motivation one must first analyze their psychological background and social environment. The attackers, also known as unethical or black hat hackers, are thrill seekers who break into systems to satisfy their inquisitiveness, they’re intrigued by the challenge of knowing they â€Å"can† infiltrate a system thereupon emerging their technical skills. (Fà ¶tinger Ziegler, 2004). Sometimes, when they meet their challenge it intensifies into addiction where other factors come into play such as financial gain. Common behavioral traits of these attackers is that they minimize or miscomprehend the ramifications of their activity, rationalizing that their service is really a benefit to the organization because they could identify security loop holes. (Fà ¶tinger Ziegler, 2004). It’s important to note that not all hackers are criminals, there’s a group of ethical or white hat hackers that execute pre-approved attacks for the good of the security landscape of the

The Hunters Moonsong Chapter Twenty-Eight Free Essays

â€Å"Of course Bonnie’s upset,† Alaric said. â€Å"This is her first real boyfriend. But the three of you have been through a lot together. We will write a custom essay sample on The Hunters: Moonsong Chapter Twenty-Eight or any similar topic only for you Order Now She’l come back to you, and she’l listen to you, once she gets a chance to cool down.† His voice was deep and loving, and Meredith squeezed her eyes shut and held the phone more tightly to her ear, picturing his grad-student apartment with the cozy brown couch and the milk-crate bookshelves. She had never wished so hard that she was there. â€Å"What if something happens to her, though?† Meredith said. â€Å"I can’t wait around for Bonnie to get over being mad at me if she’s in danger.† Alaric made a thinking noise into the phone, and Meredith could picture his forehead scrunching in that cute way it did when he was analyzing a problem from different angles. â€Å"Well,† he said at last, â€Å"Bonnie’s been spending a lot of time with Zander, right? A lot of time alone? And she’s been fine thus far. I think we can conclude that, even if Zander is the one behind the attacks on campus, he’s not planning to hurt Bonnie.† â€Å"I think your reasoning is sort of specious there,† Meredith said, feeling oddly comforted by his words nevertheless. Alaric gave a smal huff of surprised laughter. â€Å"Don’t cal my bluff,† he said. â€Å"I have a reputation for being logical.† Meredith heard the creak of Alaric’s desk chair on the other end of the line and imagined him leaning back, phone tucked into his shoulder, hands behind his head. â€Å"I’m so sorry about Samantha,† he said, voice sobering. Meredith nestled farther into her bed, pressing her face against the pil ow. â€Å"I can’t talk about it yet,† she said, closing her eyes. â€Å"I just have to figure out who kil ed her.† â€Å"I don’t know if this is going to be useful,† Alaric said, â€Å"but I’ve been doing some research on the history of Dalcrest.† â€Å"Like the ghosts and weird mysteries around campus Elena’s professor was talking about in class?† â€Å"Well, there’s even more to the history of the col ege than he told them about,† Alaric said. Meredith could hear him shuffling papers, probably flicking through the pages of one of his research notebooks. â€Å"Dalcrest appears to be something of a paranormal hotspot. There have been incidents that sound like vampire and werewolf attacks throughout its history, and this isn’t the first time there’s been a string of mysterious disappearances on campus.† â€Å"Real y?† Meredith sat up. â€Å"How can the col ege stay open if people disappear al the time?† â€Å"It’s not al the time,† Alaric replied. â€Å"The last major wave of disappearances was during the Second World War. There was a lot of population mobility at the time, and, although the missing students left worried friends and family behind, the police assumed that the young men who disappeared had run off to enlist and the young women to marry soldiers or to work in munitions factories. The fact that the students never turned up again seems to have been disregarded, and the cases weren’t viewed as related.† â€Å"Super work on the police department’s part,† Meredith said acidly. â€Å"There’s a lot of weird behavior on campus, too,† Alaric said. â€Å"Sororities in the seventies practicing black magic, that kind of thing.† â€Å"Any of those sororities stil around?† Meredith asked. â€Å"Not those specific ones,† Alaric said, â€Å"but it’s something to keep in mind. There might be something about the campus that makes people more likely to experiment with the supernatural.† â€Å"And what is that?† Meredith asked, flopping down on her back again. â€Å"What’s your theory, Professor?† â€Å"Well, it’s not my theory,† Alaric said, â€Å"but I found someone online who suggested that Dalcrest may be somewhere with a huge concentration of crossing ley lines, the same way that Fel ‘s Church is. This whole part of Virginia has a lot of supernatural power, but some parts even more than others.† Meredith frowned. Ley lines, the strong lines of Power running beneath the surface of the earth, shone like beacons to the supernatural world. â€Å"And some people theorize that, where there are ley lines, the barriers between our world and the Dark Dimensions are thinner,† Alaric continued. Wincing, Meredith remembered the creatures she, Bonnie, and Elena had faced in the Dark Dimension. If they were able to cross over, to come to Dalcrest as the kitsune had come to Fel ‘s Church, everyone was in danger. â€Å"We don’t have any proof of that, though,† Alaric said reassuringly, hurrying to fil up the silence between them. â€Å"Al we know is that Dalcrest has a history of supernatural activity. We don’t even know for sure if that’s what we’re facing now.† An image of Samantha’s blank dead eyes fil ed Meredith’s mind. There had been a smear of blood across her cheek below her right eye. The murder scene had been so gruesome, and Samantha had been kil ed so horrifical y. Meredith believed in her heart of hearts that Alaric’s theories must be correct: there was no way Samantha had been murdered by a human being. How to cite The Hunters: Moonsong Chapter Twenty-Eight, Essay examples

Accounting Theory and Current Issues Audit Process

Question: Discuss about the Accounting Theory and Current Issues for Audit Process. Answer: Introduction As per the given case study, the report addresses the conditions needed to be included for the development of audit process of Bio Sustainable Feeds Limited. The report includes the predetermined conditions for the amendment of the audit, which shows the important feedbacks from the previous legislative activity imposed by BSF Limited. The various contributions made by the previous auditors are taking into account for the purpose of the termination of unethical activity in the overall audit process. Furthermore, the report considers the inherent risk factors for consideration of the audit risk parameters. The report also takes into account the internal controls during the audit process. It is vital for an individual to understand the integrity of the audit services and the various factors associated within it. The most important service is considered the initial screening process of the clients before finalizing the offers. The involvement level of the client will be also related to the different service of the non-auditory procedures. Hence, the study takes into account the regulatory controls, which is required for enumerating the important ethical framework for the various types of auditory services. The audit services should also consider the factors adhering to the audit risk while the preparation of the audit report. The quantum of the risk level has been reflected through the historical data interpretations and the analysis done on the financial data of the company. In the recent times due to the increase in the fraud is related to auditing important to consider a reliable framework for addressing the unethical behavior in corporate practices. The unethical b ehavior refers to incidences of reporting our decisions, which has material misstatements. It has been further seen that the increasing level of agency cost has shown conflicts with the interest considered for the subject and further alleviated the problem of the present study. In order to address the various level of risk report has been designed to categorize the inherent risk are the pre-existing uncertainties of BSF Limited (Krishnan Wang, 2013). Factors necessary for audit engagement and acceptance The primary factors considered for the acceptance of the auditory procedures are directly related to the investigation done at BSF Limited. Furthermore the past records of the company has been able to review the financial status of Bio sustainable feeds Limited to confirm and assured that there is no criminal proceedings against the company. The consideration of the members at reputable positions such as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the company has been also included for the purpose of evaluation of the audit engagement (Krug, Rabczuk, Cenian, 2015). The different information on the regulatory actions put an augmented emphasis on the shortcomings of the control mechanisms. Hence, the consideration of the previous information is necessary for taking the ferry measures in the internal control system and ensure structural efficacy. The high amount of attrition rate has also suggested on the inefficiencies of the internal structure of Bio sustainable feeds Limited. For the purpose of previous analysis several companies such as HIH Insurance, One. Tel and Enron have been considered for the reliance on the opinion of the various types of external audit services (Pelkmans et al., 2012). Procedure for risk detection and suggesting of control techniques for inherent risk The study considers the research done by Bio Sustainable Feeds Limited and studying the existing uncertainties, it has been considered in the audit report. The main risk is considered in the inherent risk which includes misstatements both in the financial and the nonfinancial data and exclusion of several important components of the inherent risks in the report. The main considerations for the shortcomings in the control risk or due to the lack of facilitation in the internal control system and several issues related to material misstatement in the data (, 2016).The control risks are also seen in form of the falsification of accounting information in the clients books. Based on different findings the factors detrimental for the sustainability and profitability of the firm are mainly due to the breach of ethical standards, which are essential for the auditory process. Some of the important factors also relates to the procurement of information on different types of relationships, which is being enjoyed at Bio Sustainable Feeds Limited (Rotherham, 2015). It has been further observed that the control risk or as a result of the material misstatement and various types of issues related to the control system. The control risks a report to the risk, which are because of the non-detection of the important components related to the internal control system for auditing. In order to curb the fraud it is important to understand the requirement of internal system and formulate a plan accordingly (Meissner et al., 2013). The audit risk computational formula is mainly done through the following process and the calculation for the same is shown below as follows: Audit Risk = Inherent risk*Control Risk * Detection Risk Or, Audit Risk = (0.9*0.05*0.80)*100 = 0.036*100 = 3.6% At present BSF Limited has shown several shortcomings for the control risk and the internal risk controls due to the increasing problem of material misstatement. Although the inherent risks are observed to be the highest, the control mechanisms should focus on reducing the risk level. The overall analysis has further shown that the risk level index of the company currently stands at 3.6%. Factors, which needs to be considered in the audit engagement program of BSF Ltd The audit process needs to consider the rules in relation for meeting the different types of audit objectives. It has to consider the audit module for the verification and examination of proper presentation of data along with depicting the appropriate relationship of the steps with one another (, 2016). The audit engagement program to consider including the following factors in the business information through the following procedure as suggested below: The consideration of the previous record is crucial for the audit process and making an investigation at Bio Sustainable Feeds Limited It is also essential to take into consideration the various types of modules necessary for student safety of the research and making the history modification in the overall audit program, which are in line with the laboratory activities for the development, and making research for the fish feeds. The company should consider the recognition of activities for coordinating with the audit procedures and taking important steps for carrying out the audit engagement at Bio Sustainable Feeds Limited (Blay et al., 2014). Fourthly, it is important to take into consideration the minutes of the meeting and implementing the same in the development activities It is also important to assess the findings and verification of the same for requirements of the employers in the firm. The company should ensure that that assessment has been made as per the specified regulatory authority of the audit committee. The findings need to be further made sure to comply with the audit assurance performed in the previous year at BSF Limited. Furthermore it is important to include any sort of unfavorable outcome we has been discussed with the management and seem to be feasible for addressing to such problems. The company should make sure that the location of authorities done at all level when the financial report is being prepared. It is important to ensure the disclosure policy as per the specific standards It is also important to examine the external structure of the company The company should furthermore consider the verification process for the purpose of examining the various types of the developmental procedures carried out at Bio sustainable feeds Limited (, 2016). Auditors Concerns related to Journal Entries The general purpose for the financial report for the developmental activities of the company has been prepared in accordance with the conceptual framework of AASB 1011. Although the standard has been considered, it is difficult to distinguish the various cost categories under the natural science and social science for the various types of disclosures as stated under AASB 1011. In addition to this, the aforementioned standard also includes those concepts, which are highly sensitive to the preproduction activities (Gong, J.J., et al., 2016). The basis of the given case study it has been found that BSF Limited has considered research and the developmental works as a primary focus for the manufacturing of feeds of aquaculture. The various sections of the related research activities are related for the purpose of production of enhancement made in the fish based feeds. In the given case study the expenses are significant for including the various types of research and developmental activities as per the standard provided by AASB 1101. As per the given case 40 % relaxation has been granted by the government which is further applicable in the financial year of 2014-15. Bio sustainable feeds Limited is further observed to benefit from the offsetting of the tax amount settlement, which had amounted to more than $ 20 million every year. It has been further observed that BSF Limited has settled for an amount of $500 million AUD from Commonwealth Scientific and industrial Research Organization after spending of $100 million, AUD an nually which is in context to the various alternative of aquaculture feeds. Can be further suggested that the payment for such a grande is dependent on the advance amount and hence this amount is to be considered as prepayment as per the conditions prescribed by the company (, 2016). Similarly, for the purpose of preparation of the journal entries, preconditions provided by the Government of Australia have been considered as expenses for research and capital for patents. Year Particulars Amount (Debit) Amount (Credit) 2013 Cash A/C 500000000 To CSIRO A/C 500000000 (Being cash received from CSIRO for development activities) 2014 RD A/C 360000000 To Cash 360000000 (Being cash spent on research and developmental activities) 2014 Plant Feed A/C 360000000 To RD A/C 360000000 (Being being payment made for plant-based feed) 2015 RD A/C 160000000 To Cash A/C 160000000 (Being cash paid to the research workers) 2015 Development Costs A/C 160000000 To RD A/C 160000000 (Being expenses incurred for the various types of research and developmental activities) Arguments pertaining to the amendment of triple bottom approach The main arguments have been found by the scientist by seeing the scope of improvement for new research and developmental avenues and making the fish farming more sustainable by cutting back on feeds made from fishes and replacing the same with blonde based feeds known as the alternative strategy. This is recognized as an alternative strategy for providing adequate nutrient requirements for increasing the net volume of fishes and overall enhancement of potential for fish farming (Spence Rinaldi, 2014). Due to this fact, the transformation has taken place in fish farming by putting an augmented focus on high-protein feed from trout, salmon and shrimp. This is been further observed to encourage the growth potentiality due to supplemented omega 3 variant. For considering several other arguments, it is important to consider lipid rich pallets which is considered as highly beneficial for consumption by humans. The broader perspective takes into consideration the improvement of the defici encies related to the bones of fishes. Some of the significant changes have been observed in the field of reduction fisheries, this is due to the result of overall marrying growth and production of the fishes. The research studies have further stated that the several types of feeds based on agriculture has shown changing pattern due to the inclusion of canola, Glutton and soya beans, which are also identified as potential sources of proteins. Hence we can state that company can significantly decrease the overall amount of cost by including fish based feed (Gustafsson Wikner, 2015). Evaluation on prospectus: The prospects the evaluation of BSF Limited shows that the company has not considered the different information relevant to patents when it was engaged in the evaluation of technology for the treatment of bacteria during the methane production process. The case study also indicates that Bio Sustainable Feeds Limited has faced major drawbacks due to inclusion of bacteria based feeds. In several locations it has been incorrectly assumed that the company has restricted the privileges for the application of bacteria based feeds and owning of the patent for bacteria based technology. Hence, it is not appropriate to consider the producers to manufacture such a feed, due to inappropriate rights. It has been further shown that the growth potential of the company has seen to be decreased due to the scarcity in the fishes and various types of removal of fish feeds an alternative consideration can be found for nutrients (Porter et al., 2013). Conclusion The report shows that BSF Limited has taken several initiatives for sustainable aqua cultural feeds from the last 20 years. Hence the study suggests the various types of considerable treatment which can be made by the government in supporting the developmental activities. The report clearly states the various types of facts related to the environmental impacts and the social facet in terms of inclusion of the research activities for the purpose of discovering fish food nutrients and at the same time ensuring continuous growth in fish farming all over Australia. Based on the case study it was found that the company has showcased the research and developmental operations by considering various types of scientific expenditure which are in accordance with the audit engagement programs and the present guidelines stated under AASB 1011. It has been further observed that the company has been able to procure the various types of tax relaxations which have been provided by the Australian gove rnment. Hence, it can be concluded by saying that the 45% of the tax relaxation provided by the government to the company needs to be fulfilled for carrying out development activities for aqua based feed and plant-based feed based on the concessions. Reference List and Bibliography (2016). Research and development tax incentive - offset | Australian Taxation Office. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Sep. 2016]. Blay, A.D., Notbohm, M., Schelleman, C. Valencia, A., 2014. 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Values Of Americans Essays - Epistolary Novels, Douglas Coupland

Values of Americans America is the most powerful country in the world. The American economy has been a symbol of the wealth of a nation. The efforts of our forefathers and present geniuses have created economic values, which have caused American's to thrive. Two of these influences are Bill Gates and Ben Franklin who through genius and hard work, have made huge advances in economic values. Although their efforts spaced by hundreds of years, they believe similarly in the success of workers. Two articles "The Way to Wealth", by Ben Franklin and "Microserfs", by David Coupland, support economic values of their specific time periods. Franklin's essay is written in 1733, when agriculture was the way of life. David Coupland's essay is a present day description of technology and how Microsoft has had such an impact on our lives. Both essays, each defining different eras, come together to portray the epitome of economic values. The writers's depiction of work, from their respected eras, show how these American economic values has not changed. Poor Richard Saunders' advice symbolizes what American worker's economic values should be. Poor Richard is a character Franklin uses to push his economic values, and he believes that firm economic values will create wealth. He explains "get what you can, and what you get hold; ?Tis the stone that will turn all your lead into gold"(Franklin 551). Having good economic values can give you the gold touch. Good time management and sound management of one's money are the keys to success. Hence Franklin's famous sayings "a penny saved is a penny earned" and "early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise"(Franklin 545). The sayings of Richard Saunders are for the ages, as well as the agricultural life as he knew it. Douglas Coupland's character analysis of [emailprotected] serves as the icon of a modern day American technological worker. [emailprotected] is an employee of Bill Gates's corporation Microsoft which "employs more than 32000 people in 60 countries"( Bill Gates' Web Site-Biography). [emailprotected] is a prize employee who is loyal, hardworking, and relentless; he describes his life as "work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep"(Coupland 598). The Microsoft employee does not know the meaning of leisure as his work schedule goes "In at 9:30 a.m.; out at 11:30 p.m."(Coupland 599). He describes his "universe consists of home, Microsoft, and Costco"(Coupland 597). Even in such a technological world [emailprotected] does not forget the age-old values of being smart with time and money. The American economic values of today are similar to the values of several hundred years ago. Richard Saunders' advice of his time still remains relevant to the technological world of the present. The values Coupland depicts in [emailprotected] correlate directly to the messages Poor Richard teaches. Wealth always goes to who work the hardest. America is a capitalist country based on the economic values discussed in the featured essays, and Franklin is a brilliant man whose values have withstood the test of time. Like anything else, the lifestyles depicted in the articles are not perfect. There are negatives to the economic values discussed, but the positives still outweigh the negatives. Wealth is a symbol of the ideal American lifestyle, and if a person works hard enough he or she obtains it. Wealth is important, but it does not complete a person. Both essays contain inferences to mistrust in leisure and how the character's lack leisure time. [emailprotected] explains "I fell like my body is a station wagon in which I drive my brain around, like a suburban mother taking the kids to hockey practice"(598). This Microsoft employee definitely needs more leisure time. He even goes on to say "I know a few Microsoft employees who try to fake having a life-many a Redmond garage contains a never-used kayak collecting dust"(Coupland 598). People must learn the importance of leisure time. Success can be balanced with some leisure time; a happy median between work and play can be found. Economic values of American lives have not changed over the past several hundred years. From the adages of Ben Franklin, to the genius of Bill Gates, Americans are economically the same. In the article "Microserfs," the highlight of the story was when an employee got emailed by Bill himself. Gates has been described as spending "a significant person of his time to. . . staying in contact with Microsoft employees around the world though email'(Bill Gates' Web Site-Biography). Bill Gates is an idol amongst his colleagues. America needs more people like Ben Franklin and Bill Gates, to teach the importance of sound